Information and links for Clients

Q. Why should I work with an experienced, highly skilled photographer for my event ?

A.  Today It seems like everyone who owns a digital camera believes that they can create professional images. A skilled photographer does much more than pushing the shutter button. I am prepaired for any situation and can work quickly to capture the real moments as they happen. 

Q. Why do quality photographers cost more?

A. Today's professional photographer has mastered many skills in the process of perfecting the craft. He or she must maintain a high level of skill and continually invest in state of the art computer software and hardware and professional level camera systems. The post shoot time to process the images is labor intensive. I work 30 to 40 hours on each event including the time on site.

For Example: In 8 hours I will shoot approximately 800 to 1200 High Resolution images.

I then process each individual image to adjust each image individually for color balance and density and other adjustments. I then take the RAW files and convert the images to create JPEG copies for your convenience.  All files are delivered on a memory stick or thumb drive.

Q. Do you offer services to your clients after the day of their event?

A. Yes, I offer a full range of additional services that you can choose from such as printed bound books, custom enlargements and more. My custom enlargements include all fine printing adjustments and basic retouching as needed. The adjusted file is then burned to disk and comes with the print.

Q. Do you offer a discount to active military personel?

A. Yes, I am proud of our military and offer a discount based on the services chosen.

Q. What do your clients say about you?

A. Here is a link to client reviews of my service.

Q. Who do you recommend?

A. Fran is proud to be recommended by and to recommend:

The Master Wedding Coodinator Janet Dunnington,,  

Chloe & Wesley Genovart of SoLo farm & table,

Deb Flohr of The Woodstock

Frank, of The Inn at Manchester,

among other select venues and private locations.

The Make-up Artists that I reccomend are:

In Southern Vermont and Florida:  Stacy 

In Northern Vermont and NYC:  Vivian

The DJ service that allways gets them dancing is: Newton Wells of Peak DJ,

The Video service and Filmmaker that I recommend is Timothy Palmer Benson,

The Cake and Desert Artists that I reccomend are:

Marie-France Eloi of Cuisine

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