About Fran Janik Photographer


Fran Janik Has been looking through the eye of a camera for over 30 years. He received his first camera at the age of 10 and has been capturing moments of life and communicating his ideas visually ever since. After studying photography in Rhode Island, Fran first worked professionally in Boston and then moved to New York to focus on fashion photography in the 80's. In New York he worked with internationally recognized talents like Irving Penn, Bert Stern, and Annie Lebowitz.

He was the first Director of Photography for Spin Magazine. He has photographed many celebrities including actor John Cleese, rap pioneers, Run DMC and rock singer/songwriter Lenny Kravitz. In this period, Fran photographed former President Ronald Reagan during his first campaign in 1980. In 2007 he shot an album cover series for the great actress / singer / chanteuse Ute Lemper.  More recently, Fran's images have illustrated designer Chris Madden's Book,The Soul of a House .  His images were featured in New York Magazine for an article titled "Diplomat Gone Rouge" on Vermont Senator, Peter Galbraith. Additionally, Fran's Images document the historic devastation caused by Tropical Storm Irene in Peggy Shin's book Deluge.

His corporate clients have included, REI corporation, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Sergio Valente, Hasbro Industries, Swisstel, and Ringling Brothers Circus among others.

Fran is based in Jamaica, Vermont in the United States and works all over the world. He goes wherever an image takes him.

Fran is a founding member of both  A.P.A., N.Y. and The Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals.

He is a former member of the Fashion an Beauty Photographers Association in NYC.

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